Integrity, AKA: Why we believe you should choose DeMer.


Or, skip our lengthy self assesment and see what real clients are saying: here.



The only thing we take seriously is jewelry.

That means we obsess to the point of wild eyed lunacy over every detail of a piece. Some takes months to conceptualize and design because to us, every motion and line and texture and placement is part of a balanced work of art, a feeling made manifest over countless hours of agony to result in an end result that is worthy of being your new signature piece. Every thing about everything we put into design matters to us because we feel that if you are entrusting us with your image and money: you deserve the most authentic, well made piece possible.

We believe luxury lives in craftsmanship and design and service.

Heavy dense metals that won't bend over time. Deep engravings that wont wear away. Securely set gemstones that will sparkle for generations. Weight balanced rings and earrings and pendants and bracelets that ride the body naturally and with comfort. Every surface textured and detailed. In short, we make heirlooms not trendy baubles. We take this very seriously as a matter of pride and duty to you.



Other designers and industries trust us. It's a small thing to overlook but makes a world of difference when deciding who to trust with your jewelry needs.

We have been trusted by some very recognizable names (no we can't exactly say who-yes that sounds like a hollow boast-but we take our NDA's seriously) in the jewelry industry, and outside of it. You may be wearing a piece right now from another design house that we were contracted to translate into a functional piece-if not outright designed ourselves under contract.

We worked with Xikar (the premier cigar accessories brand) for over three years to develop our collaboration series based on our "Wayward" collection-just as an example we are allowed to talk about.

When our competition, contemporaries, and those even outside our own medium trust us to make them look good, how great a job do you think we can do for you with no middle man?



Artisan, small, connected. Artisan has become associated with strange asparagus water for $5 a glass in the normal world but here it means something different. DeMer Jewelry is truly an artisan operation, we do not run a massive manufacturing facility pumping pieces out by the thousands.

We make virtually every piece to order, to your specifications. This gives us the flexibility to make little changes you request like having a different gemstone or changing the color of the gold, or having a different finish on your metal.

We take pride in each piece being perfect for it's owner and the little extra time that dedication requires is worth it for a lifetime (or more) of pleasure and compliments. When you buy from DeMer Jewelry, you aren't helping fund the beach house collection of a CEO who doesn't know an Onglette graver from an Angle File-you are supporting real people who dedicated their lives to this art form and work their butts off for their families and communities.



We respect your privacy and security. You have to be careful when making large purchases and we assure you that with DeMer Jewelry, your personal information will never be sold to a third party.

We never ship your jewelry without confirming all your details with you first. We will always keep your information confidential, including your name, location, purchase history, billing and shipping info, and preferences of gelato toppings (or anything else that may come up).

Our owner is a volunteer grief counselor when he isn't making fabulous jewelry so we certainly know a thing or two about discretion and confidentiality. We take this pledge as a mandate, not an option.


We don't steal designs. This should never have to be said but unfortunately it does. Design theft is rampant in this medium and hurts the artists, the bench jewelers, the industry, and the overall economy.

Lots of people steal designs and market them as their own. What does that tell you about the integrity and ethics and morals of those companies and individuals? We get knocked off regularly and have successfully defended our Federally Copyrighted original work every time. If these people think stealing the life's work of a "fellow" designer and professional is morally acceptable: how do you think they feel about your security and privacy?

All DeMer Jewelry works are originals and you will not find them anywhere else that we haven't authorized. If you do, it's probably a fake and should be reported. 



No "add-on" warranties. Speaking of sleazy upselling, it should always be a red-flag when you need to pay extra for a warranty. Our warranty comes with every piece you buy from DeMer and it's pretty simple: We stand behind it. Period. If there is a craftsmanship error, we fix it. period.

Obviously if you wreck your jewelry up, that isn't our fault (for shame you hurt it's feelings) but we will still do our best to replace damaged stones and do surgery on the metalwork to get it back to it's old self-and at a reduced cost even! See, simple. We don't charge you for warranties because we know we made it right the first time.



We priced the jewelry right, the first time. Sounds like a silly thing to say right? Well haven't you ever wondered why some jewelry stores offer you 50% off? 66% off? 75% or more off? ...come on... you are smarter than that. They mark it up way higher then it should be just to mark it down and make you feel like you are getting a deal.

"You are so super lucky and special and handsome that TODAY ONLY you get this great deal because I like your haircut!"

At DeMer Jewelry, we give you more credit than that. We will only insist you are special because you have become the proud owner of a DeMer Jewelry original. All kidding aside though, that practice of mark-up to mark-down is gross and sleazy and insulting to your intelligence and you shouldn't stand for it.

We priced our jewelry right the first time, which is why you will never see a big huge blowout sale here. Truly fine jewelry doesn't go on clearance. A wise man once said: "The sweetness of low price is often swiftly replaced by the bitterness of poor quality."



Nobody works on commission. Speaking of not being sleazy jerks, nobody here makes commissions so there is never a benefit to "upselling" you on something pricier just for us to earn a buck.

Some things cost more money and we will point out to you what makes it worth the extra money if we are trying to decide between a few choices but the decision is always yours. No pressure here.



We are educated. Not to sound like a bunch of snootypants but it bears mentioning. You wouldn't go to your surgeon to fix your intake manifold, or your mechanic for medical advice (at least we hope not) so why would you go to a jeweler who isn't properly educated and trained in our craft?

The owner of DeMer Jewelry (Deric) started apprenticing with several masters since he was a wee lad, has earned every degree that was available from GIA (Gemological Institute of America-Carlsbad Headquarters), is a certified guild instructor for Precious Metal Clay (and wrote a book about it and lectured on the subject), back in 2012 was the highest awarded CAD/CAM specialist designer in North America...there is more but you get the point. We weren't selling decorative socks last week and now jewelry this week. We stay up to date, educated, and involved. That means if you have a question, we can help.



We aren't jerks. This should go without saying but how often have you felt talked down to or pressured by someone in a monkey-suit behind a pre-fab glass display case at a mall jewelry store? Listen, jewelry is expensive and can often be a little out of reach for most folks, but that is no reason to be a jerk to nice people like you (we assume you are nice).

We aren't into the whole "sleazy salesman" vibe here at DeMer. When you contact us, you will talk to one of our trained and educated associates, or the owner/designer directly. We love to educate and want you to end your buying experience with us more informed and connected to your new treasure. We can't make every budget work and we will tell you if something isn't possible and if there are any alternatives. No judgements.



We have integrity. You laugh but you would be surprised. A lot of scam artists think the jewelry business is a quick way to make lots of money (their first misconception being it's own punishment) so they set up fly-by-night shops all over the internet and claim to be masters of their trade.

Often stealing designs from hardworking folks like us, they try their best to turn out a profit as quickly as possible by selling you cheaply made garbage-assuming it is what they say it is at all.

All DeMer Jewelry is designed and made right here in the USA, in house, to the highest standards, by slime free artisans.


We didn't come out of nowhere. Maybe this is your first exposure to DeMer Jewelry (hi!) but we have been around for quite a while. We started out in 1999 doing small craft and trunk shows around the Washington DC area and later transitioned into selling our work through local jewelry stores and galleries. A lot of what we did initially is what we call "Ghost Design".

Think of us as the "ghost writers" for some much bigger better known designers. We have been winning awards the whole time under our own name but we were real quiet about it. Point being, at risk of sounding conceited (we're not) we have been at this for quite some time now and know what we are doing.