Sales, Discounts, Quantity breaks?

DeMer Jewelry has a few sales throughout the year as a thank you to you, our clients and friends. We don't mark the jewelry up, just to mark it down though so the discount numbers may not be as large what you are used to seeing out there. Returning clients who have previously purchased from DeMer receive a lifetime small discount on collection pieces. When in doubt, we always give you the bigger discount if available. Don't want to miss out on sales? Click here to be notified!


DeMer does make multiples of collection or custom pieces at a quantity break per finished piece. Contact us for more details and to discuss your project/event/gathering. 

What is the DeMer Jewelry warranty?

The DeMer Jewelry warranty is simple: we stand behind everything we make, forever. Here is how that works.

Once a piece leaves our hands to you, it has undergone rigorous attentive quality control to make sure all stones are properly set, and all metal is finished without sharp edges, and that all alloys have been done correctly, get the point. One some pieces we even go so far as put them on a vibrating shake table to make sure no stones are loose. A lot of engineering goes into these little works of enormous value and we take that seriously.

Our warranty means that even though we meticulously design these precious sculptures, and they are handled by some of the most skilled craftsmen available, they are still made by hand. The end result of fine designer jewelry is pretty but the process to get there is a violent one filled with acids and white hot flames and high tech lasers and microscopes with teeny tiny tools. It is always possible something could go wrong. That is the nature of life. In short: If we made a mistake, we will fix it. Easy peasy!

Damage and mis-ordering and finger size is another thing. Accidents happen and sometimes your wedding band gets lost in a Macaque enclosure. We understand. If you break a stone or snag a prong, or otherwise damage your DeMer Jewelry, we will do everything in our power to save it, and at a reduced cost too! No gemstone is unbreakable, no setting is permanent if abused, no metal finish lasts forever. Daily wear and tear can strip finishes and loosen stones and wreak all kinds of havok. Jewelry is not indestructible. Treat it with care and it will remain beautiful. We will also re-finish your DeMer Jewelry for a small fee plus shipping, any time you like but we suggest no more than thrice a decade.

If you ordered the wrong size, we will try to help. Fingers change sizes all the time and can change up to a full size throughout the day and up to another full size throughout the year based on the season and how many nachos you have indulged in. In short, your fingers adapt and maintain an average size but not a constant one. Some rings cannot be resized, and some can only be sized up-and only by a small amount. We suggest ordering on the smaller end of your size range if possible, it is better to have a ring be a teeny bit tight then to fall off your hand. However, if you went too small or too big, we will try to resize your ring. If it can be stretched without adding material (usually a half size) then all you pay is shipping. If however the sizing is way off, we will do it for you at a reduced rate. If the ring cannot be sized at all, and the size you ordered is way off, we can discuss options on a case by case basis but we do not guarantee a swap for a brand new ring to be made since that would technically be us buying back the original and we do not maintain gold-buyers licenses for that. Please use the ring sizing tool by clicking here. 

DeMer Jewelry original creations are ecosystems and anybody else messing with them voids our warranty. We can't be sure what they did to your baby, and we aren't responsible for any damage they cause to our work. If you need local service because of time constraints, consult with us first and we will be happy to offer our opinion and if necessary, directions for proper repair for your local jeweler.


A note on estimated weights and "blackened" metals.

You will often find a section in our listings that says something like
"up to 30
grams of (X Metal) depending on finger size". Different gold alloys and karats (the gold's purity) will have an effect on weight. Different finishing techniques and of course, the ring sizes will all impact the final weight. Your ring or pendant may weigh less or your ring/pendant may weight more. Handcrafted products will always have a variance to their production. It's just part of what makes them unique!
"Blackened" metals:
There is no such thing as "black gold" at least not outside of a lab and that unusual 
concoction falls apart to the touch. When we refer to "Black Gold" or platinum/sterling/palladium etc, we are referring to a surface treatment that darkens the metal.

How long does it take from order to delivery?

Nearly all work is made to order so depending on complexity and our current work volume, 4-6 weeks is what we suggest you budget, time wise. If you are ordering wedding rings, please allow yourself at least eight weeks before the big day, just in case something needs to be sized or modified. Bespoke pieces can move quickly or take a long time depending on the design, the communication, the complexity, and the rarity of materials. See a small selection of reviews from other clients who thought the lifetime of joy was worth the wait: by clicking here.

Does DeMer Jewelry make custom pieces?

Sure do! We love custom projects and want to help you make your dream a reality. If you see a piece in our collections that is nearly there but you want to change something, we can do that on most designs as well. Bespoke jewelry from scratch is an indulgent and unique process and we accept up to 50 such projects anually to keep quality up to our standards for you. Why not contact us today and tell us about your dream piece, and we will work with you to make it happen!

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! We offer a 0-3 month, no charge lay-a-way so you can break up payments however you like in that period. We also have a 3.1-6 month lay-a-way with a 5% charge to cover material price fluctuations and accounting. That's it, nothing too complicated. As you pay in, parts of your jewelry will be completed over time so there are no refunds on abandoned lay-a-way transactions. 


Financing options?

DeMer Jewelry does not offer a "store credit card" at this time because we find them predatory. We have seen a lot of different offers most of these financing services make, and their interest rates and payment terms are disagreeable to our sensibilites, to be polite. If you are in a time crunch for whatever reason and can't wait for lay-a-way; we strongly suggest using a credit card if you have one with a high enough limit for what you want, or taking a personal loan from your bank or credit union. We also suggest PayPal (#notasponsor) financing. In these cases, your interest rates and repayment terms will be far more in your favor and will also help your credit history.


What about payment plans when I order bespoke jewelry?

Here is how payments are done when you commission a bespoke piece of jewelry from DeMer. After we have discussed your design, estimated a ball-park valuation and are ready to begin if there are slots for custom work left in the calendar: there is a $1000usd deposit (or purchase of the main stone/stones if the design hinges on it/them). This deposit is non-refundable and secures your spot in line (if there is a waiting period at the time) and pays for your modelling. This $1000 deposit also goes towards the final cost of your ring. Once you see the CAD renders and all tweaks are made and the final design approved, we can dial in the precise value of your jewelry. Once that balance is paid, your piece is made and delivered. So the process is inherently built on payment stages for your convenience. Contact us for more info about custom design and see how easy it is to get started!

Where is the jewelry made?

All DeMer Jewelry is designed, and crafted in the USA. Specifically we are based in Southern California.

Jewelry creation is a worldwide effort though and gemstones and metals can come from all around the world. We are very picky about our raw suppliers and adhere strictly to the legal and ethical guidelines set by the Jewelers Vigilance Committee and the Federal Trade Commission. We support fair trade and conflict free sources and demand the same from all levels of the chain of supply. While it may feel like it in the studio some days here when we are working around the clock-we do not run a sweatshop locally or overseas.

We keep a tight eye and control over every aspect of our work because...why would you want anything less?


DeMer Company Politics?

While it is impolite to talk politics or religion, it bears mentioning that DeMer Jewelry and it's officers do not volunteer or donate to any political party or candidate.

We have a diverse set of people that make these treasures and we come from a variety of faiths and political backgrounds. Rest assured, not one single dollar you spend with DeMer Jewelry will end up in the pocket of any political candidate or religious institution here in the USA or abroad. It is not that we are anti-politics or religion, we just don't think a company that enjoys such a diverse clientele has any business pushing ideology or policy.

We strongly believe in human rights, freedom of expression, and personal agency. Anything that aligns with that humanitarian stance, we like.

We make jewelry. That is our calling. Everything else is real life and we are in the fantasy and image business. 


We use eight different techniques depending on the metal and the finish to achieve a darkened appearance so each combination of finish, and type of blackening will result in anything ranging from an antiqued appearance to a gunmetal finish to a spectral diffused anthracite. Monitors and settings affect how these finishes appear on your screen and can vary from piece to piece so if there is a particular look you wish to achieve, please tell us!

Blackened finishes do wear over time to reveal the metal beneath and this natural aging is part of the charm of the finish-like a favorite pair of jeans breaking in. DeMer can always re-finish and re-blacken your piece for you down the line as it wears for a nominal cost depending on the original blackening.

Some DeMer Info:

Founded in 1999, Washington DC area.

Relocated to San Diego, CA in 2003


Lead Designer:

Deric Metzger G.J.G. A.J.A. A.J.P. (G.I.A.)

(Graduate Jeweler Gemologist with Design and Wax. Applied Jewelry Arts. Accredited Jewelry Professional.

-In residency at GIA Carlsbad.)

Notable brand achievement:

"Most awarded CAD/CAM specialist designer in North America" -INDESIGN magazine, feature "High and Mighty", 2012.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you use?

Gemstones: With the exception of Moissanite (which is marked), DeMer Jewelry does not use synthetic or imitation gemstones.


DeMer designs typically in 14kt, 18kt, .925

English sterling, platinum, and palladium. We 

present metals as they are, meaning if you see a yellow gold piece; it is solid, not plated. 


Carbon footprint:

Shipping is an unavoidable part of the process, but most of our packing materials are biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable in some way. Our jewelry boxes are made from partially and fully recycled materials or reclaimed woods and we strive at all times to keep as low of an impact as possible. Our special jewelry cleaner is also nontoxic for pets and people, and biodegradable. It tastes terrible, we've checked.

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